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Formation of online Study Groups, Department of English

This is for the information of all concerned that the Department of English has initiated  formation of On-line Study groups during the p...

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Prof. Amzed Hossein

EN-502/AH/Topic: Louis Althusser: Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses- Module-I  Download 

EN 402/AH/Topic: Seamus Heaney: ‘Death of a Naturalist’    Download

EN 502/AH/Topic: Louis Althusser: ‘Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses’ -Module-II  Download


Dr. Sharmistha Chatterjee Sriwastav

EN 410/SCS/Topic: Mamang Dai(“Small Towns and the River”)  Download

ENGUGCC04/SCS/Topic: Percy Bysshe Shelley: “Ode to the West Wind”  Download

EN512B/SCS/Topic: Stylistic Analysis Download

EN 308/SCS/ Indian Writing in English and in English Translation - Ruskin Bond: "A Tiger in the House"  Download


Dr. Tajuddin Ahmed

EN 302/TA/Topic: Wilfred Owen: "Strange Meeting"  Download

EN504/TA/Modern European Literature: Maupassant Download

EN502/TA/Contemporary Literary Theory II: Nation and Nationalism I Download


Dr. Safiul Islam

EN 512B/SI/Topic: Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching – Part-I   Download

EN 512B/SI/Topic: Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching – Part-II   Download


Ms. Hasina Wahida

EN 404/HW/Topic: Harold Pinter: The Birthday Party   Download

ENGUGCC03/HW/Topic: Alexander Pope: The Rape of the Lock (Canto I, II and III)   Download


Rohan Hassan

EN 402/RH/British Poetry: W B Yeats - The Second Coming  Download

EN 302/RH/20th Century Poetry: Ted Hughes - The Thought Fox Download

Anupama Bandyopadhyay

EN 202/AB/MacFlecknoe Download

Suraiya Sultana

EN202/SS/The Rape of the Lock  Download

Jisan Mondal

EN204/JM/Robinson Crusoe  Download

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