The Dept. of Islamic Theology is offshoot of previous age – long, Fazil, Kamil and M.M. (Mumtajul Mhaddithin) Courses since time of Calcutta Madrsah College. At the beginning, the Department commenced its functioning in the Old Campus of Aliah University, Erstwhile known as Calcutta Madrasah at 21, Haji Md. Mohsin Square, Kolkata-700016.

The Calcutta Madrasa College originally comprises the Islamic Theology Deptt. through Dars - e – Nizami course with Arabic grammar,Mantiq, Hikmat, Riadi, Haiat, Fiqh, Tafsir, and Hadith was strictly followed till the first two decades of 19th century.

The College and Dept. of Islamic Theology are increasing day by day, in  August 2016, the department has been partial shifted to the 8th Floor of the Park Circus Campus of Aliah University at 17, Gorachand Road, Kolkata-700014. Presently the department has Five permanent Faculty Members, 25  permanent Part- Time Teachers along with Six other non-teaching staff to run the Department smoothly. 

Offered the academic programmes.

B.A Honours and General in Theology M. A. (Theology) Ph. D (Theology)., the prime objective of the Department of Theology is teaching and research.The department is teaching both Hadith, Tafseer, Fiqh, Comparative Studies of Religion, Classical and Modern Arabic language and Literature, translation and interpretation along with the Contemporary Islamic History and History of the Modern Arab world in the Under-Graduate Courses. Ph. D. Programme has been started in the year 2015. Nine researches Scholar have been prosecuting research work.

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