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Vision of Civil Engineering Department of Aliah University

To be identified as a Centre of excellence in Civil Engineering by imparting high quality education, motivating students for in depth research and producing technically sound professionals having high quality ethical values devoted to the betterment of nation.

Mission of Civil Engineering Department of Aliah University

  1. To equip the students with high quality education by inculcating in them the basic fundamentals of the mother trade in depth.
  2. To deliver the students, both theoretical and practical knowledge of the discipline in the best possible manner thereby enabling them to solve real life civil engineering problems of the society.
  3. To develop core competencies in the students to excel in projects and research and also to solve complex problems with due recognition to environmental and ethical values.
  4. To develop in the students the strength of team work, leadership skills and also effective communication.
  5. To translate the concept of lifelong learning, self-learning and to be progressive in nature.

Program Specific Outcomes of Civil Engineering Department of Aliah University

  1. To be able to identify a problem, to be able to analyse the various parameters influencing it.
  2. To be able to develop solutions for the problem and also to be able to design it.
  3. To be able to develop and upgrade oneself to meet the rising challenges in the Civil Engineering Field.
  4. To be able to excel in teamwork and always be aware of the various codes of conduct in Civil Engineering practice and be able to take professional ethical decisions.

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