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The Department of Law


The Department of Law was started in 2013. The Department is aimed to provide higher Legal education with overall grooming of the students.  The post-graduation degree in law not only helps students to better understand Constitutional and Jurisprudential aspect of any dispute but also provides a deep clarity on the legal procedure. It increases the critical legal thinking in students and helps them in analysis the law more cautiously. Similarly research in law opens the doors of the interdisciplinary application of law. Research not only analysis the law but also suggest the solution for any current legal problem.

The department of offers Master of Law (LL.M.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D., Law) Courses currently. There are 30 seats in the LL.M. course.   

The Department is having highly qualified and experienced Faculty. The Faculty members have many publications to their credit.

The Department focuses on academic excellence and provide an academic and research environment to students in which they can excel to the best of their abilities.  

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