Department of  Islamic Studies


Islamic Studies as a subject of knowledge and study has got its origin in the twelve centuries. Islamic studies understand today's modern social science branch of knowledge. However, there can possibly be two concepts of Islamic studies. One concept of Islamic Studies is to study Islamic Sciences only and perceives it as a religious science. The other concept about Islamic Studies is that it covers whatever knowledge exists about Islamic particularly the history and culture of Islamic people. It is the latter category that modern-day Islamic scholars consider as the correct definition of Islamic Studies.

Islamic Studies according to the latter concept originated in Europe. It happened when the Muslim countries on the one hand and the western imperial countries, on the other hand, established direct contact and relation with each other, in the thirteen century the after the month of the Crusade was European entered the Islamic lands and established their political power. This became an opportunity for the relationship between Europe and the Muslim world. As a result, both cultures began to understand each other. The European began to learn Arabic so that they can understand the Arab and the Muslim and their culture and history. This can be said as the beginning of Islamic which later developed into a full-fudged subject of Islamic Studies.

Institution of the Islamic Studies:

Centers and institutions of Islamic study exist in India. These institutions were mostly established in the modern period. Some of these institutions function as teaching institutions imparting Islamic Studies as a subject of study and giving degrees of Graduate, Post-Graduate, and Ph. D levels.  

Since 2017, the department of Islamic Studies has been offering B.A. and M.A. courses at Aliah University. 


Promote the Study of

  1. Islamic Sciences (Quranic Science, Hadith Literature, Islamic Jurisprudence)
  2.  Tassawuf (Sufism), Ilm ul Kalam (Rational Thought)
  3. Islamic Culture, Civilization and its Development
  4.  Social, Political, Economic and Cultural trends in the countries of West Asia, Central Asia, South-East Asia, North Africa, Europe and Indian Subcontinent.
  5. Language and literature (Arabic, Persian, Turkish)
  6. Muslim Contribution to Science, Technology, Arts and Architecture
  7. Muslim Philosophy, Thinkers and Thoughts

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