Department of  Economics


The resources in this section are for leaning purposes for the Economics Students of Aliah University. The resources are not to be used for any other purpose. 

To prepare these resources various books, articles and websites are referred. It is intended for the learning purposes of the students only.

Shashi Bhusan Mishra

1. EC306-Economic History of India: Lecture- Development of Irrigation and its Consequences: Download

2. EC306-Economic History of India: Lecture:- Discriminating Protection and Imperial Preference  Download

3.EC306-Economic History of India: Lecture:-  Permanent Settlement System   Download


Dr. Melisha Khatun

1. ECOUGCC01- Macroeconomics - I  Download


Communicative English (For UG Sem II Students)
1. Com. English Lecture 1- Download

2 Com. English Lecture 2  Download

3 Com English Lecture 3 Download

4. Com English Lecture 4 Downloads

5. Com English Lecture 5 Downloads



EC 232-Development Economics [For Students of B.A/ B.Sc IV semester students of Geography and Statistics]

Dr. Raj Narayan Gupta

Topic 1 Development Economics I - Download

Topic 2 Development Economics II-Download

Topic 3 Development Economics IIIDownload

Topic 1 - Indian Economics -        Downloads 



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